Welcome to Knight Associates

Knight Associates has been established in the UAE to bring high quality sales, marketing, IT, financial, business development and training expertise to the Gulf.
Knight Associates was founded by a group of enthusiastic professionals who believe in delivering high level professional expertise for achieving the best, and sustainable, results for their customers.

Company History

  • We are Dedicated

    Knight Associates is a team of experts dedicated to helping you achieve outstanding value for your business. We appreciate that every business has its unique vision that needs to be understood by all stakeholders. We believe you know your business best and you would engage us in supporting the efficient execution of your strategy.

  • Accesible

    With the continued growth of Middle Eastern economies, our UAE office is ideally situated to meet your business needs.

  • Innovative Thinking

    Knight Associates is founded on innovative thinking—it’s our cornerstone. We strive to create our own path, break with convention and provide customers with a unique selling proposition that goes beyond cost-savings.

    We lead because we have the most dedicated, experienced talent ourselves. We are driving innovation in the market because we employ innovators.

We Do it Our Way

We do it our way and provide the expertise and attitude to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We do this because we:

• Know the local markets—globally
• Know our customers
• Have access to and an understanding of data that is beyond what you can find elsewhere
• Hire the best people—our teams are diverse and highly skilled at understanding your culture and adapting to your global needs
• Identify cost savings and revenue opportunities year-over-year.


Knight Associates sees itself as part of strong & sustained economic growth in Middle East. We help our customers tap into the vast potential of the region. We also enable local businesses to grow by having access to the best sales, technical, IT, financial, business and training expertise.

We can call upon on our network of well-established global leaders in their respective fields to deliver sustainable results for local businesses.

Knight Associates offers a broad range of services.

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