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Middle East and, in particular, the Gulf Co-Operation Council countries are experiencing strong and sustained economic growth. Record oil prices over the past decade have allowed the GCC countries to build up financial reserves which are being used for economic diversification underpinned by the need for human capital development. There is targeted focus on key priorities around:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Defence and security
  • IT as a key driver of human capital development and economic diversification

Knight Associates sees itself as part of this regional transformation. We help our customers tap into the vast potential of the region. We also enable local businesses to grow by having access to the best sales, technical, IT, financial, business and training expertise. We can call upon on our network of well-established global leaders in their respective fields to deliver sustainable results for local businesses.

Knight Associates provides the following services:

  • Helping businesses in planning, identifying and developing new opportunities. Our unique engagement model means we are with you all the way though the sales cycle; from identifying opportunities to collection and upsells. We can do this because we have world class professionals in the fields of business, finance and industry. This means that you get advice and practical help from those who have seen and done it in the world of business
  • We offer a broad range of sales and marketing services such as teaming agreements, strategising sales vision, developing marketing plans, execution of sales and marketing plans
  • Providing access to a wide range of business partners within Middle East, Europe and South Asia
  • Providing a Channel model for prospective customers
  • Process reengineering
  • Training on all sales, marketing, business and finance for non-finance professionals

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